Management of Cultural Projects

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  •  This postgraduate course aims to study, in a systematic manner, the diverse aspects that define culture in its anthropological, sociological, and artistic perspectives. This includes a combination of reflections and activities that have arisen in academic research regarding public policies, cultural institutions, audience and social agents.

This course is directed to undergraduate professionals from all areas, including those graduated in technological courses, who look to continue their formal education, need permanent qualification or are rerouting their careers. This specialization emerged because of the need to prepare professionals capable of working in the cultural market and event planning.

Our cultural project managers are able to understand and work towards fulfilling the demands generated by social dynamics by uniting the interests of all parties involved and contributing to the completion of cultural projects, which includes articulating technical and theoretical knowledge with ethical and social commitment.

Cultural projects management contemplates subjects such as: culture theories, cultural public policies, funding sources, corporate finance managing, copyright and business law, strategic planning, production of cultural activations, post-event production, media, among others.

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The course will start in August 2021