Media, Information and Culture (MIDCULT)

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  • The relationship between Media, Information and Culture is a significant aspect in contemporary history, an era known for its rapid and continuous technological changes, which facilitate mass diffusion of texts, images, news, videos etc. This historic trajectory, which began with the press and withstood radio and television, involved a unidirectional dynamic between broadcasters and receiver. This would later be profoundly altered with the emergence of the internet and social media, enabling better spectator interaction and participation in the communicative processes. 

This course aims to capacitate communication professionals for work in cultural sectors. Participants will: debate aesthetic criteria of artistic products and projects; conceptually analyze and compare themes regarding Latin American culture manifestation with the themes regarding media; and deepen their professional theory and practices in cultural media.

Furthermore, this course is comprised by the fundamental areas needed to conduct cultural media projects, such as: Art and Technology, Popular Latin American Culture, Information and Languages in new Medias, Cultural Journalism, Social Representations of Diversity, Culture Theories, Media Production in the Cultural Sector, and Research Methodology. 


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