Journalism and Emancipation

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Dennis de Oliveira
This book proposes the idea of Journalism as a cultural activity of emancipatory potential by retrieving Paulo Freire’s concepts regarding liberating pedagogical practices. Emancipatory journalism is a proposal for overcoming media spectacles that have taken over current journalism activities, in which the truth has been turned into to verisimilitude and opinion into opinionism.
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Postdoc Professor specialized in Journalism, Information and Society at ECA/USP. Has a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication from the University of São Paulo (1986), a master’s degree from the University of São Paulo (1992), and PhD in Communication Science at the University of São Paulo (1998). Currently, Oliveira is a RDIDP Professor (Completely dedicated to teaching and research) at the University of São Paulo. The Professor has great experience in Communications, with emphasis in Popular Communication, studying mainly on the following topics: culture and communication, media and cultural processes, communication and reception, media processes and journalism, media and racism, Latin American integration. He coordinates Celacc (Latin-American Culture and Communications Center), is a member of Neinb (Study Center of Alternative and Popular Journalism), both from the University of São Paulo. In addition, he is a teacher at the postgraduate program “Social Change and Political Participation” of EACH/USP and at postgraduate program “Human Rights” at the Law department of USP. Lastly, Dennis de Oliveira acts as a communication, education and culture consultant at public, private and non-governmental organizations..
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