Culture, education and ethnical and racial relations ( ETNOCULT)

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Over the last few years, ethnical and cultural relations have been object of several public policies, such as in the field of education, where teaching black and native history and culture has become an obligation for all schools. In the governmental stage, several institutions have been created to promote policies aiming for racial equality. Furthermore, in the private sector, companies have looked to establish programs that stimulate ethnical and cultural diversity among their employees. Therefore, there is a new demand for professionals who can manage these types of projects.


Provide students with the tools they need to manage institutional projects in the public and private sectors (companies and the third sector). By means of in-class discussions, student will develop the ability to:
  • o Reflect on the ethnical and racial relations in all of their dimensions, emphasizing the structural and social aspects of Brazil;
  • o Reflect on the public policies implemented in the country that aim to combat prejudice and discrimination of ethnical and racial origin;
  • o Address the main theoretical and methodological frameworks in the field of Social Sciences that discuss the establishment of ethnic relations in contemporary times, emphasizing social dynamics that involve peoples of the African diaspora and the indigenous populations;
  • o Discuss the contributions of the African languages on the Portuguese spoken in Brazil.
This course addresses fundamental areas that question and that bring us closer to the cultural, philosophical, anthropological, sociological and historical legacy of the African-Brazilian and Native-Brazilian populations in contemporary times, such as: dynamics of the African-Brazilian culture; education and ethnical and racial relations; ethnicities and africanicities; matrices of African and African-Brazilian art traditions; research methodology on ethnical and racial topics; the African-Brazilian individual in the Brazilian class system; black representation in the media industry; linguistic unity and diversity in Africa and in Brazil; and the legal dimensions of the racial relations in Brazil. 


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